Live & Recorded Online Workshops

We offer 30-60 min free Zoom workshops 1-4 times a month on specific topics within web development, app development, machine learning, programming skills, music theory, and music composition. In live workshops, participants can receive help and advice on coding/music projects or questions from our qualified and passionate mentors. After the workshops, members can receive workshop recordings.

Downloadable Curriculum & Free Resources

If a workshop is conducted with google slides or powerpoints, they will automatically be sent out to members as free downloadable slides. In addition, we will provide blogs, links, and resources on our website and downloadable versions of these resources are COMING SOON. (Our Content Directors will create them)

Events & Contests

In addition to topic workshops, we also provide events and contests such as hackathons, coding contests, music composathons, interviews with computer science college students, Q and A sessions with company software engineers, etc.

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1,490+ social media followers

from LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, etc

Impacted 420+ students

including 160+ hackathon participants, 180+ members and workshop participants on our mailing list, 40+ writing contest participants, and 47+ Codeify Canada students attendees, all from 21+ US states and 30+ countries, 75% of which are girls, 84% from an ethic minority, and 60% of which are international students.

2,900+ online views

including 1,160 website views+clicks and Youtube views below

# Youtube Subscribers:
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510+ Medium articles views and reads

across both Medium account platforms- Bytes and Pieces account (260 views) includes stories and articles written by Executive Directors, TechnoJules account (250 views) includes stories and articles written by Founder

15+ hackathon volunteers

including hosts, mentors, judges, workshop speakers from California, Ukraine, Nigeria, Georgia, India, etc.

37+ hackathon projects

solo and team projects of up to 4 contestants based on social causes, hobbies, and participant passions

10+ hackathon company sponsors + $2,539 in prizes distributed

prizes distributed to 9 winners in 8 categories sponsored by renowned tech companies and organizations such as Wolfram, Desmos, NordVPN, etc.

40+ board members

including Executive Directors, Mentors, Curriculum Developers, Designers, Outreachers from 9+ states and 5+ countries

27+ workshops and webinars conducted

including coding and music topic workshops and speaker webinars


Benefits of Becoming a Member

  • Board Team Members: We give out volunteer hours (email contactbytesandpieces@gmail.com if you need any)
  • Board Members and Participants can get certificates:
    • Note: tracks include web development, machine learning, pure programming(Java/Python/C++), data structures+algorithms, music theory, and music composition
    • All Executive Directors: being on our team for at least 10 months (you will get a certificate in April 2023)
    • Mentors/Curriculum Developers: teach or make content for at least 3 of our workshops in any tracks
    • Designers: design at least 7 Instagram posts/flyers
    • Outreachers: email at least 7 people/organizations/companies
    • Workshop Participants: attend at least 3 workshops in one track OR create and showcase a tangible project (created song, website, game, etc)
    • Contest Participants: register and either submit a project (hackathon) or attempt a few problems (coding contest)
  • Create cool projects
  • Participate in our hosted hackathons/competitions
  • Learn new coding languages or improve on your coding skills
  • Meet and network with other passionate students (during team projects or discussions for example)

Eligibility for Attending Our Events

  • Be aged 11 or up, such as middle school, high school, or college-aged. Note: participants don't need to be currently enrolled in a school.
  • Note that if you are just subcribing to our newsletter, you do not need to fulfill the age requirements above.
  • USA and international students are eligible to apply.
  • We highly encourage underrepresented racial minority groups and underrepresented genders (female, nonbinary, agender, transgender, etc) to join
  • NO coding or music experience is needed. However, we highly recommend participants/members to be familiar with at least one coding language (especially for attending our hackathons) and/or familiar with at least one instrument.
  • Accommodations: We provide captions and live transcriptions in our workshop recordings on Youtube.

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Good job on hosting the workshop! It was so informative!

Chelsea Yang
high school workshop participant, USA

I thought everything in the hackathon [HackBytes 2022] was well organized and you had an abundance of resources for everyone!

Arky Li
high school hackathon competitor, USA

The workshop and slides was very informative and was explained in a very simple yet efficient way. The overall experience was amazing. It was a great starting point for someone who is just beginning to enter web development. The workshop was interactive and helpful, overall a great experience.

Kareesa Rao
college workshop participant, United Arab Emirates

The hackathon [HackBytes 2022] was good as we got to connect with mentors and fellow participants.

hackathon competitor

I really appreciated how each of the aspects was broken down into digestible pieces. Showing where to find information was also valuable. The atmosphere was welcoming and beginner-friendly, and I can see how it could spark the interest of girls and women! And lots of awesome resources, love it! This was my first Bytes and Pieces workshop and I can't wait for more!

Raissa Kuzer
college workshop participant, Brazil

The hackathon experience was absolutely wonderful- what I liked most was how beginners friendly the hackathon was. And what I liked best about the hackathon was how it encouraged us to develop solutions on social issues which helped in making me more aware of the issues prevailing in our society and at the same time helped me in honing my [coding] skills.

college hackathon competitor, India

I liked how our mentor explained the terms and asked if we had any questions throughout the workshop. Overall I liked this workshop! I’m new to coding but it was interesting for me to learn about the basics of JavaScript. I also liked how this workshop allowed people to ask questions if they had any!

Laura Cencer
high school workshop participant, USA

I attended the Java workshop- I’m quite familiar with Java, but I just wanted to see how it was being taught. I liked that the instructor kept it simple and engaging. As a mentor, I tried to look out for any questions from the participants. It was nice to see engagement from the participants. Those are the two aspects of the hackathon that I found useful from the participant’s perspective.

Aadit Kamat
hackathon mentor, Singapore

"I found the syntax of JavaScript really helpful as I never saw it before. I also found exploration of JavaScript in real time using VisualCode Studio. I liked the clarification by the workshop host. I found using a common code editor also really helpful to understand that you don’t need a big fancy editor. The workshop was really helpful especially for someone who never had knowledge of JavaScript before.

Jahin Zashim
high school workshop participant, USA

My favorite part of the hackathon is coding [my project] and what I liked best about our hackathon is the community involved. My hackathon experience was pretty good as I felt like I had enough time to complete what I wanted. Something valuable I learned from attending HackBytes is learning how a hackathon works.

Vivek Narayana
high school hackathon competitor, USA

The example websites shown and the explanation of flexboxes were the most useful. Our mentor did a great job covering different elements, showing examples and answering questions. The workshop had a natural flow and you could see she was well-informed. The resources and tips provided along the way were also very helpful.

Maryann Nwude
high school workshop participant, USA

I really enjoyed how professional and experienced the hackathon hosting team seemed. I liked that the prizes catered to different categories (social cause hack, hobby/extracurricular hack) instead of the usual 1st, 2nd and 3rd. My favorite part was that the hackathon was not themed, so I could choose a topic to cater to my learning and strengths.

Grant Hough
high school hackathon competitor, USA

I think that the most useful aspect of the workshop was the example websites that were used to help explain certain parts of code. I also think that sharing the slides after the class is over is very useful in helping us to create our own projects outside of the class. I think that this workshop was very helpful and educational. I like the teaching style in which we were shown pieces of code and how they work within a functioning website.

Izzy Cyncewicz
high school workshop participant, USA