What is Bytes & Pieces?

  • We are a student-run/youth organization that hosts events in the topics of coding and music.

What is our Mission?

  • Our mission is to increase participation, diversity, and inclusion in the fields of coding and music among youth and adults alike, but specifically focusing on students in middle school, high school, and college.

How were we Founded?

  • Since were are an online organization, we started by setting up social media accounts such as our website, Instagram, and Youtube before advertising our first workshops.

What does Bytes & Pieces mean?

  • Bytes = type of number/unit in java and other coding languages
  • Pieces = music compositions are also called pieces
  • Bytes and Pieces = organization that focuses on music creation and computer programming :)


What types of Live Events do you offer?

  • We offer topic workshops in coding and music, speaker webinars (such as inviting college students or company workers), and contests such as hackathons. Participants can always ask questions at the end of each event or contact us by Email, Remind, Instagram, or Discord. Many of our workshops and webinars will be recorded, but not all of them due to privacy reasons.

What types of other services do you offer?

  • We offer Youtube workshop recordings for those who cannot make to the live sessions, links to coding and music resources to read, blogs and articles about coding and music, downloadable Google Slides curriculum, and (coming soon) PDF versions of important coding and music topics.

What topics in coding and music are the workshops?

  • Web Development (HTML, CSS, React, etc)
  • Pure Programming (Java, C++, etc)
  • Machine Learning (Ethics, Tasks, Model Types, etc)
  • Data Structures (Linked Lists, ArrayLists, etc)
  • Music Theory (scales, chords, etc)
  • Music Composition (with MuseScore, different composing styles, etc.)

How does workshop and webinar meetings work?

  • They are on Zoom for 30-60 min, usually on a weekend, with same or different mentors each workshop, and any member who has filled out the Workshop Participant Interest Form can join.

When are the Workshops, Contests, and Webinars usually?

  • Speaker webinars and Contests are usually offered 1-3 times per year. Workshops occur between 1-4 times a month, usually twice a month. They are usually on a weekend early afternoon or late mornings Eastern Time, as we have participants from multiple time zones.

What Software/Online Platforms are Used?

  • For advertising our events: Discord, Email, Instagram, Remind
  • For members and participants: join our Email List through Google Forms signup (Workshop Participant Interest Form), Discord group, Remind group
  • For hackathons: Devpost, Discord, Email, Google Forms
  • For workshops and webinars: Zoom
  • For coding: Replit.com, Khan Academy
  • For machine learning: Google Colab, Kaggle
  • For music composition: MuseScore, Flat.io
  • For resources: StackOverFlow, W3Schools, Our Google Slides, Our Google Drive, Our Youtube recordings